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The Lonely Hunter is a young band from Texas with a lot of talent, energy, and passion. Their music is full of driving rhythms and catchy hooks. There is not a venue or crowd that they have played to and been forgotten by. They love music, they play hard, and they capture the audiences' attention.






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After a couple years, a couple name changes and a few lineup adjustments, central Texas-based alternative rock band Lonely Hunter is back at it again. After a successful tour in support of the band’s original self-titled EP in 2011, life’s little things caught up with the band and they took a temporary hiatus. But now, Lonely Hunter is ready to shake off the dust and hit the road again with brand new tunes and their new EP, When Winter Comes, with the help of M.D. Thompson of Ivory Tower Realizations.

The band now consists of vocalist/guitarist Collin Brewer, guitarist Tyler Kern, bassist Jacob Massey, and drummer Austin Laskowski. Although they have dealt with a few lineup changes, Lonely Hunter is ready to buckle down and release a full-length album very soon. “There’s a process of learning to be a band again that comes with new musicians — everyone has different styles and sensibilities,” says Massey. “We wanted to make a full-length record and talked for awhile about how it ought to sound and feel. It’s important to us for our albums to maintain a sense of unity front to back, both in sound and content. The Resolution EP [2010] is all about a particularly devastating breakup and both the fallout and rebuilding therein, Lonely Hunter EP [2011] deals very much with isolation and the hope and desire for connection.”

When Winter Comes consists of brand new music that the band is very proud of and believes representative of who they are as a band now, transitioning the listener onto a whole new direction. The first track, “Dry Land,” will feel very familiar to a Lonely Hunter fan. As it progresses to “Rest,” “Not Coming Down,” and finally the title track, “When Winter Comes,” any listener will be able to hear and feel the music change within them. “Dry Land” might feel comfortable for Lonely Hunter, but the band believes “Not Coming Down” will make a fan pause and think this new direction is totally worthwhile and will appeal to any listener, old and new alike.

New direction aside, Lonely Hunter’s live shows will remain as cool and captivating as before, and they have a track record to prove it. The band has shared the stage across Texas with artists like The Rocket Summer, Lovedrug, David Ramirez, Deas Vail, Ivoryline and Quiet Company, and have performed in multiple showcases with SXSW and the Austin City Limits Music Festival. With When Winter Comes, the guys are dead set on recapturing the essence of Lonely Hunter, touring the state and spreading their sound to new ears, prepping the world for their next full-length record.

Contact/MGMT/Booking: Jose Arredondo
Press: Defacto Productions
Licensing: Eye In The SkyDirectional Music
Label: Independent
Publicity: Seeking
Genre: Melodic Indie Rock
Location: Dallas, TX
Markets: Central Texas
Availability: One-offs, Festivals

- Texas Reds Steak & Wine Festival 2015 (Bryan, TX)
- Rock The Republic Festival 2011 (Bryan, TX)
- Aggie Relay For Life 2011 (College Station, TX)
- SXES Unofficial SXSW Showcase 2011 (Austin, TX)
- The Pillow Project 2011 (Bryan, TX)
- ACL Unofficial Showcase 2010 (Austin, TX)
- SXSW Showcase 2010 (Austin, TX)

Shared the stage with:
- The Rocket Summer
- Colony House
- Lovedrug
- David Ramirez
- Jillian Edwards
- The Rocketboys
- Quiet Company
- Driver Friendly
- Sleeperstar
- Gatlin Elms
- Ivoryline

When Winter Comes EP (February 2014)
The Lonely Hunter (March 2011)
The Resolution (May 2010)
Places You Call Home EP (November 2009)
We're Not Meant To Be Alone (December 2008)

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