Volunteer is the brainchild of singer/songwriter Cory Quintard. Shortly after starting Volunteer and recording the first EP in Orlando, FL in 2014 Quintard packed up his things and moved to Nashville that same year to pursue his passion playing music full-time. In February 2015 he independently released his debut EP, 'The World Will Begin Again' produced by Jeremiah Dunlap, which gained a great listenership on Spotify and Soundcloud. The EP's namesake single was quickly streamed over 100,000 times with follow up singles "Somebody's Everything" and "Waking Up" also breaking the 100,000 mark within the year. The music video for "The World Will Begin Again", released along with the album, performed well on YouTube with over 10,000 views on its own. The success of the debut EP translated into album sales and eventually a licensing deal from The Music Bed, the micro-licensing site based in Fort Worth, TX. Performances at The High Watt, The End, Mercy Lounge and Musicians Corner followed along with being one of three musical guests at the nation's premier conference for creatives and storytellers---Story Conference.

Volunteer embarked on their first full band tour in the Fall 2016 in support of Matt Hire's 'American Wilderness' Tour playing 25 dates in just over a month across Florida, Texas, The West Coast, The Midwest, and The Northeast just as the second EP was nearing completion. "The World Is Ours" released in June 2016 as the lead single of the second EP of the same name and in just under 6 months it has been streamed nearly 10,000 times on Spotify. "In The Unknown", the second single off 'The World Is Ours' EP will release on March 3rd, 2017 leading into the release of the 5-track EP slated for April 7th, 2017.




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Cory Quintard (aka Volunteer) writes songs that beg the listener to engage. With a love for pop music, Quintard saw there must be a way to harness the power and allure of melody and use it to say something meaningful.

“When I look at the things I wrestle with on a daily basis, specifically loss, darkness, worry, and failure, I know I have the choice to let it be my default or to fight against it. I can’t think of a better medium that is prepped for battle than music”, says Quintard. “And I can’t think of a more meaningful thing to share with others.”

Lyrically, Quintard writes from a place of singular emotion and honest, yet sometimes, muddled perspective. “I try not to edit my gut emotions too much. Most of the songs that connect with me are written in an hour or two - simply because, I’ve learned to know the difference between writing from my actual thoughts and feelings and trying to force it. I choose to write vulnerably because that is the type of art that sticks with me.”

“Many of us, including myself, use music to escape. I want to make music that doesn’t serve as a getaway, but a vehicle that pushes people toward realizing that something better than they know may be happening in their lives.”

Quintard’s use of soaring melodies and dynamic arrangements serve as ear candy to the most passive music fan, while his devotion to the craft of songwriting and musicality can make even cynics lean in and listen.

Volunteer’s EP, ‘The World Will Begin Again’, debuted in February of 2015. The follow-up EP, The World Is Ours, released April 2017.

Contact/MGMT/Booking: Jose Arredondo
Press: Defacto Productions
Licensing: The Music Bed
Label: Independent
Genre: Indie Pop Rock
Location: Nashville, TN
Markets: Nashville / Florida
Availability: Support/One-offs/Festivals

Over 50 TV placements across 15 networks or brands including Hewlett-Packard, Audi, Hennessy, United Way, Pivot Network, A&E, MTV
- 906,507+ streams on Spotify
- 28,500+ monthly listeners on Spotify
- 55,200+ streams on Soundcloud
- 23,670+ views on YouTube
- Shared the stage with Civilian, Aaron Krause, Liza Anne, Matthew Perryman Jones, Matt Hires, Pat Kiloran
- Performed at The End, The High watt, Mercy Lounge, Musicians Corner, The Bluebird Cafe, The Basement in Nashville
- 'American Wilderness' Tour direct support for Matt Hires. 25 dates, 1.5 months (South, Midwest, East and West Coasts)

- 4/5/17: No Country For New Nashville 'The World Is Ours' EP premiere and first listen
- 4/3/17: Noisetrade New & Notable Feature
- 3/27/17: "In The Unknown" music video premiere on Atwood Magazine
- 3/3/17: "In The Unknown" single premiere on East of 8th
“The World Will Begin Again” on A&E's Born This Way, S2 E8

- "Leap of Faith" on MTV's Teen Mom OG, S6 E1
- "Waking Up" on MTV's Teen Mom 2, S7 E1
- "The World Will Begin Again" on MTV's Catfish, S5 E7
- "Hope" on MTV's Suspect, S1 E4
- "Somebody's Everything" on Audi at Home TV Ad
Other TV ads: HP Mobile Printing, Hennessy, United Way, Pivot Network
- 12/5/16: YouTube Channel Alex Rainbird Music “The World Will Begin Again” feature
- 11/23/16: IndieSheep “Lose My Head” single review
- 3/4/15: Relevant Magazine “The Drop” The World Will Begin Again EP review
- 1/29/15: I Heart Moosiq The World Will Begin Again EP feature

"The World Is Ours" EP April 2017
"The World Will Begin Again" EP February 2015

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